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Whether or not you're a newbie or a veteran to the world of massage therapy, you've got heard of a Swedish massage. Inclusion criteria were Shiatsu or acupressure administered manually/bodily, printed after January 1990. Shiatsu studies comprised 1 RCT, three managed non-randomised, one within-subjects, one observational and three uncontrolled research investigating mental and physical well being issues. To systematically overview all papers using Shiatsu or for any health situation for any population, utilizing both a systematic evaluation/meta-evaluation, RCT, quasi-experimental, or uncontrolled design. Only 9 Shiatsu studies were of sufficient quality to be included within the review. Ingram 22 in contrast Shiatsu to no intervention for submit-time period being pregnant in 142 women.

One RCT was identified (integrated care, which included Shiatsu), for again and neck pain 19 No significant results, in comparison with standard care had been identified. The Shiatsu group was significantly extra likely to labour spontaneously than the management (p = 0.038) and had a longer labour (p = zero.03), but teams have been allocated according to which midwife was on responsibility (although groups were homogenous for maternal age, parity and supply details). Ballegaard et al 21 conducted a examine of price-effectiveness and efficacy of Shiatsu for angina pectoris.

One examine used a within-subjects repeated measures design, comparing Watsu (water Shiatsu) with Aix massage for fibromyalgia syndrome 24 A significant enchancment was seen after therapy with Watsu (p = zero.01) for SF-36 subscales of bodily perform, bodily pain, vitality and social operate, however not for Aix. Lengthy (2008) performed a prospective observational research of 948 sufferers of Shiatsu practitioners in 3 totally different countries 7 Significant improvement in symptoms, particularly for pressure or stress and structural issues (impact dimension 0.sixty six to zero.77) have been demonstrated. This displays regular apply however specific effects of Shiatsu cannot be remoted.

This examine is of better high quality than other Shiatsu research as the sample measurement was powered and it used a longitudinal and pragmatic study design. Sundberg et al 19 and Ballegaard 21 used a realistic design - Shiatsu as part of an integrated mannequin of healthcare or with different interventions (acupuncture and lifestyle adjustment). There was insufficient proof each in amount and quality on Shiatsu to be able to present consensus for any particular well being situation or symptom. Comparison teams of aromatherapy and electroacupuncture, restrict specific effects of acupressure.
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4 studies on again or neck pain had been recognized, all RCTs and conducted by two teams of researchers, Hsieh et al 31 , 32 and Yip and Tse 33 , 42 Hsieh et al unusually used a realistic design of four weeks of individualised acupressure compared to physical therapy. All five of the research in Chinese language were graded C (or ungraded), and many of the Shiatsu studies were graded C. Analysis of outcomes over time suggests some improvement in the proof base. Alavi NM. Effectiveness of acupressure to cut back pain in intramuscular injections.

Two randomised research investigated the effect of acupressure on body weight, although for very totally different situations - weight loss 82 and weight gain in untimely babies 83 Elder et al's 82 RCT compared 'Tapas Acupressure Method'&reg; (TAT)1, qi gong and control (self directed help). Chen et al's eighty three RCT in contrast acupressure and meridian massage to routine care, leading to considerably more weight gain. Yao et al ninety four performed a single group examine of massage mixed with acupressure for 85 sufferers with continual fatigue syndrome. Crossover designs may be subject to follow impact, particularly for self-administered acupressure.

These findings provide an essential addition to the existing data base on Shiatsu but are very limited in offering any proof of efficacy for Shiatsu. Whereas much of the analysis is of insufficient high quality to supply consensus on Shiatsu or acupressure use, some top quality scientific analysis (notably round pain) does exist. Proof for Shiatsu is thus severely limited as only three of the 9 research used a control group, one among which was non-random, with two pilot research. Acupressure was typically efficient in comparison with management but not sham or treatment, suggesting that results are non-particular.

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